Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme

Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme

Multiply is a wellness and rewards programme that inspires you to reach your goals by rewarding your progress. You are rewarded for doing activities that promote your overall wellness so that you can live life multiplied.

Focussing on the four important areas of financial wellness, health, safety and fitness, Multiply helps you live your best life, now and in the future.

Enjoy discounts on a selected range of partners and work with us towards improving your health and fitness.

All Profmed members have automatic access to Multiply Starter, at no cost, which offers a number of exciting rewards and discounts on certain products. Members have the option to upgrade to Multiply Provider or Multiply Premier, which offers a wider range of benefits and rewards at a nominal monthly fee.

Click here for more information or call 0861 100 789.
Momentum's Multiply Wellness Programme

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